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iBasics Magnetic Charging Mat

iBasics™ Magnetic Charging Mat Case Pack of 3

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Case Pack: 3

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Gives your phone or tablet a new charging experience in the office, home, or on-the-go while traveling with the iBasics Magnetic Charging Mat! This innovative new technology supports simultaneous charging of 2 devices at the same time - including smartphones, tablets, PCS, small mini-speakers, heaphones, power banks using MicroUSB recharge connection

  • Compatible with most smartphones, iPods, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, Samsung, etc. 
  • Touch and Go technology 
  • 2 x magnetic charging points on mat 
  • Easy to carry and use 
  • Included: 
  • Black Charging Mat 
  • Micro USB: Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, HTC 
  • iPhone 5 (8 pins): iPhone 5, iPod 
  • iPhone 4 (30 pins): iTouch, iPhone 4 
  • Material: 
  • Rubber mat for non-slip convenience
  • Directions: 
  • Connect the mat to a USB power source (5VDC/up to 2.1A is ideal) 
  • Connect the magnetic cables to the devices you wish to charge 
  • Put the magnetic tip of the charging cable on one of the magnetic points of the mat (only one magnetic point will charge one device connected to it) 
  • The charging indicator on respective device will show it is charging and also the charging indicator on mat will turn on red color for the respective positions. 
  • Input source: 5VDC/0.5A~2.1A